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Obesity is an epidemic. That’s why Eat Tank exists.

Eat Tank is a community obsessed with teaching humans how to navigate our complex modern food world. We believe that knowledge is the only path to better eating decisions and optimum health.

Meet Dr. Alvaro, the founder of Eat Tank, and see what makes him tick:  

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Workplace wellness programs generate savings:


 Harvard Business School Study, December 2010, Harvard Business Review:

A major corporation’s “internal analysis showed that annual health care claims are about $1,500 higher among nonparticipants in a workplace wellness program than among participants with a high risk health status. The company estimates that moving 10% of employees from high and medium risk to low risk status yields a return on investment of 6 to 1.”

The Harvard study concluded that “health care is a monumental issue for employers, and too much is at stake to be reactive. It’s time for companies to play offense rather than defense.” 


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The only thing that works in the long run is knowledge. Knowledge is power.


Meet Dr. Alvaro – give him one hour to bend your ear – then embark on the Eat Tank Intellect Over Instinct Life Challenge and improve the fuel you pour into your body for the rest of your life.

Live longer. Feel better.

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