About Eat Tank


Hi and thank you thank you for visiting and expressing interest in the Eat Tank initiative. 

I’m a heart doctor – an interventional cardiologist – I‘ve been opening my fellow human’s blocked heart arteries for almost 20 years. Even though it seems noble on the surface the truth is, I’m providing a mechanical fix to a mostly preventable biological problem.

I’ve watched people die who were way too young to leave this earth and watched the devastation in their family’s eyes as they process the news.  I have always felt like I’m doing too little by focusing my life and career on the back end of the problem.  The cat’s already out of the bag by the time a patient having a heart attack is trying to die on my table.  And opening their blocked heart artery is not helping the REAL problem. 

Every time I save someone’s life and they and their family thank me over and over I still walk away feeling vaguely empty.  No more.  I had to do something.  So I decided to attack the front end of the problem – the real issue – the root of the cause: lack of knowledge about how to eat properly. 

I felt and still feel an incredible sense of responsibility to teach everybody who cares at all about themselves and their health and their families how to stay off of my table.  Most people don’t get to see what I see.  I assure you, you DON’T want to wake up one day and feel like there’s an elephant sitting on your chest, and you can’t breathe, and you feel the life slipping away from you. That is not how you want to meet me. This is how you want to meet me: while you can still prevent that. And this is how I want to meet you: while I can help you prevent that. 

So I created Eat Tank. Yup – I want to save your life.

-written by Alvaro Waissbluth, founder of Eat Tank